So you pull in your drive or walk in the front door and for some reason you finally realize, well, maybe the house is looking kind of tired, it might need some “loving”. The tile the builder used in ’91 that used to be white, isn’t anymore. The kitchen cabinets that looked nice back then could really use some serious updating. We all have the same “epiphany” from time to time. Just like our kids growing up or grandbabies starting school, we wonder how did this sneak up on us and what can we do about it?

Hi, my name is Bill Edelen, I am the owner of Cobalt Kitchen and Bath on Airport Pulling Road. We take a little different position to remodeling your home or a kitchen and bath remodeling job. We are low maintenance and drama free, not to mention we are just nice people.

We treat our new clients as friends we just haven’t met yet and by the time we have made your house or condo into a showroom we are typically great friends and look forward to a long and prosperous relationship.

The last thing I want to do is start tooting my own horn and you will see our website is much the same way. We will endeavor to throw a little education your way to help you make an informed decision, a little humor, mostly because I’m just funny and absolutely no drama.

So let’s talk kitchens, baths and just general remodeling!

I await your call.

Best Regards,

Bill Edelen
Cobalt Kitchen and Bath.